Types of Repair Kits

Invisible Repair Products, Inc. Repair Kits

Invisible Repair Products, Inc. offers a wide variety of consumer repair kits ranging from our best selling Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit to our fastest growing Windshield Repair Kit. Why use Quick 20 or the Liquid Leather brand? All of our kits use advanced repair compounds that separates itself from its competitors. We have been a leader in this industry since 1972.

All of our products are user-friendly. Each leather/vinyl/fabric/wood repair kit includes seven mixable colors, complete color mixing guide, grain papers, practice vinyl, backing fabric, a spatula, mixing cups and easy to read instructions.

With our Quick 20 and Liquid Leather brand being so simple to use and inexpensive to purchase, you can see why it is the elite vinyl and leather repair, flooring and fabric repair, automotive and windshield repair brand on the market.

Please see below the long list of repair kits we offer:

  • Leather Repair Kit
  • Vinyl Repair Kit
  • Vinyl Floor Repair Kit
  • Tile Repair Kit
  • Vinyl and Fabric Repair Kit
  • Fix A Chip Repair Kit
  • Windshield Repair Kit
  • Bumper Repair Kit
  • Fiberglass Repair Kit
  • Plastic Repair Kit
  • Upholstery Repair Kit
  • All Purpose Clear Adhesive