Windshield Repair

Quick 20™ Windshield Repair Kit uses an advanced glass resin that separates itself from its competitors. This kit hydraulically forces the glass resin into the damage, enough Glass Resin for multiple repairs. Other kits in this price point is a single, one shot kit.

This Windshield Repair Kit is designed to repair bullseye, spider web, and star damages on automotive windshield glass. This kit can be used to repair multiple damages and up to a two-inch crack.

This kit contains enough glass resin for five large repairs.

Our windshield repair kit is the only kit on the market that uses the same bridge assembly technique Professionals use.

Types of Damages

Bullseye: This type of break is quick and easy to repair.

Star Break: This type of break will spread very easily from temperature changes or stress from the car body. It is important to repair the damage as soon as you become aware of the damage.

Spider web: This is a combination of the bullseye and the star break. It can be filled very effectively.

Easy to follow, step by step instructions included with pictures.