Do It Yourself Wood and Hard Plastic Repair Kit

DIY - Do It Yourself Wood and Hard Plastic Repair Kit

Invisible Repair Products Wood and Hard Plastic Repair Kits are easy to use and a great do-it-yourself way to repair anything from a chip in your wood or Formica flooring to that crack in your fiberglass or plastic bumper. Our Wood and Hard Plastic Repair Kits use an advanced, proven repair compound that creates a no-heat drying process. This fast drying, next-generation technology needs NO additional tools and when used properly, can save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding replacement and making the damaged area look like new. We specifically created the Wood and Hard Plastic Kit to repair cracks, burns, cuts, gouges, holes and scratches in almost all types of wood, Formica, fiberglass and hard plastic products. Some of the most commonly repaired items include kitchen countertops, cabinets, antiques, wood and Formica flooring, wall paneling, wood furniture, desktops, a wide range of fiberglass products and automotive bumpers.

Using the Quick 20 Wood and Hard Plastic repair kits is simple. This easy-to-follow process allows you to repair the damaged area right in place so you eliminate the removal of any permanent objects. The repair kits are branded Quick 20 because of the fast drying compound that dries in twenty minutes. Each kit includes seven mixable colors and a complete color mixing guide to ensure that your repair color is as close as possible. Also included in your Wood and Hard Plastic Repair Kit is a spatula, activator, advanced repair compounds, brush, mixing cups, gel release agent, sand paper and easy to follow instructions.