Q. How large of an area will one color repair?

A. Our kits contain 1/8 oz repair compounds. Our kits will repair rips- up to 15" and holes- up to 3". FOR PURCHASES FROM OUR WEBSITE ONLY: If you run out of material within 30 days of purchase, contact us by phone or email and we will only charge the ACTUAL shipping cost for additional colors, no extra handling fees.

Q. What is the additional vinyl material in the repair kit used for?

A. Used to make a practice repair and/or used to test your color match. The vinyl is not used in the actual repair and it is not a "patch".

Q. I over-filled the repaired area, how can I start over?

A. Send us a picture and we will provide you with an expert suggestion.

Q. I under filled the repaired area, what should I do?

A. Apply repair compound in thin coats to the level surface.

Q. How long will the repair last?

A. High wear areas should last years, while most repairs will out-last the original material.

Q. My damage is larger than 3 inches, how do I proceed?

A. Repair smaller sections at a time, as our grain paper is 3" x 3".

Q. What if I have pinholes in my repair?

Smoothly and evenly apply the repair compound over the pin holes.

Q. I used the Leather/Vinyl repair kit and the sheen is too HIGH, how do I reduce it?

A. Use mink oil to blend in the repaired area.

Q. I used the Leather/Vinyl repair kit and the sheen is to LOW, how do I enhance it?

A. Use mink oil to blend in the repaired area.

Q. What should I use for clean up?

A. Soap and warm water ONLY.

Q. How do I purchase additional colors or materials?

A. There is section under the Product Tab for REFILLS, you can order directly from our website or you can contact us.

Q. How do I color match?

A. You can use our color matching guide on the back of your instructions. We also found a neat website that offers unlimited color matching combinations. Go to http://www.colormatchguide.com/

If you need color matching assistance, please let us know.

Q. What makes our kits better than others on the market?

A. We have been manufacturing consumer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair kits since 1972. We formulate and test our products using the latest proven technologies and materials available. Our pledge to you is that you will be satisfied after purchasing any of our repair products.