"I bought your product online and it worked very well. Thank you. However, I didn't have enough of the color to finish. Is there a way for me to order more black and white color? Thanks in advance"

~ Ted

"I would just like to congratulate you on a magnificent product---your fabric upholstery repair kit. For less than ten British pounds (all it costs here) no professional repairer would have got out of bed, and for the job I would have paid five or six times that sum. Your kit came with everything needed, plus particularly good instructions. Yesterday, my sofa cushioning had holes in three places. Today...I can't see where they were. Thanks again, and best regards."

~ Richard

"I really appreciate you sending out the extra repair liquid. I had multiple tears on my couch, but after I used your product you can hardly see where the tears were at. It looks much better and I am glad I tried you product."

~ Kevin

"It was difficult at first to get the correct color but once I figured it out, I followed the directions and it worked great. I was going to call someone out to fix it but tried your product first. It looks really good and now I don't have to."