Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit

DIY - Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit 

Invisible Repair Products Windshield and Rock Chip Repair Kits are the perfect, do-it-yourself solution to repair any type of rock chip, crack, star break, bullseye or stone damage in the windshield of your car, truck or recreational vehicle - RV. Our Windshield and Rock Chip Repair Kits, branded Quick 20 because of its 20 minute drying time, utilize an advanced and proven repair resin that creates a quick drying process. This fast drying, next-generation technology needs NO additional tools and when used properly can save you hundreds of dollars by not having to get your cracked windshield replaced. Quick 20 Windshield Repair Kit has a more cost effective re-usable bridge assembly that makes up to 5 repairs, more than most other branded competitors. Also included in your complete Windshield Repair Kit are two suction cups, plunger & injector w/ special O rings, screws that hold the suction cup to the assembly, advanced repair compound and easy to use instructions.

When the directions are followed closely, the injector is lined up with the point of impact and you fill in the pit (indentation after your repair dries) of your perfect windshield repair….you will see firsthand how the Quick 20 Windshield Repair Kit can prevent that rock chip, star crack or stone damage from expanding and forcing you to replace that expensive windshield.