About Quick 20

At Invisible Repair Products, Inc. we've sought out the best and most economical repair solutions available for the DIY home user. Each repair kit has been tried and tested for each specific application. No matter what your repair need is, we have the ideal kit to allow you to do a near-perfect repair that lasts on nearly any surface, including leather and vinyl!

Invisible Repair Products, Inc.: The Once-And-Forever Repair Kit

That's right... when you buy a repair kit directly from this website, you immediately qualify to receive FREE replacement compound for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. Simply provide proof of purchase, $5.95 for shipping & handling, and a list of the colors you need, and we'll send you replacement compound... any time you need it!

We're not just a reseller... we're the manufacturer!

Because we manufacture these kits in-house, we can offer you the best possible pricing and product guarantee in the market. Our guarantee is simple:

If you're not completely satisfied, you get your money back. Period!

Just return the unused portion of the kit, and we'll refund your purchase price, minus the cost of shipping.

Have a question? Call us!

We stand behind each and every kit we sell. If you have any questions or concerns related to your product, feel free to contact our offices, and a knowledgeable repair expert will be glad to help.