Do It Yourself Vinyl Repair Kit

DIY - Do It Yourself Vinyl Repair Kit 

Invisible Repair Products, Inc.'s Vinyl Repair Kits are easy to use and a great do-it-yourself way to repair nearly all your favorite vinyl possessions. Our kit was specifically created to repair burns, cuts, gouges, holes, rips, scratches, stains and tears in almost all vinyl products. Some of the most commonly repaired items include vinyl couches and seats, vinyl jackets, luggage, purses, auto seats and upholstery, marine seats, office chairs and furniture.

Each kit includes seven mixable colors and a complete color mixing guide to ensure that your repair color is as close as possible. Also included in your Vinyl Repair Kit is a piece of material for you to practice on, grain papers so the texture of the repaired area is similar, backing fabric to ensure a long lasting repair, advanced repair compounds, mixing cups and easy to follow instructions.