Invisible Repair Products, Inc. Vinyl and Leather Repair Kits; Automotive and Windshield Repair Kits; Flooring and Fabric Repair Kits are the elite consumer repair kits on the market.
Our kits provide the Perfect Solution to repair burns, cuts, cracks, chips, holes, scratches, stains and tears on the following: Clothing, Leather, Outerwear, Naugahyde, Personal Furniture, Commercial Furniture, Automotive Interior, Recreational Vehicles,Vinyl Flooring, Tile Flooring, Carpet Flooring, Wood or Formica, Fabric Upholstery and more...
The Quick 20 and Liquid Leather brand is continuously expanding and has current repair solutions for: Leather Repair,Windshield Repair,Vinyl Repair,Fabric Repair, Upholstery Restoration , Vinyl Flooring Repair, and Wood Repair.

Featured Products

Leather & Vinyl No Heat (Item 30-123) Leather & Vinyl No Heat (Item 30-123) - $11.99
Easiest to Use, Guaranteed Results    Repair and Restore Damaged Leather   ...

Leather Touch Up (Item 30-444) Leather Touch Up (Item 30-444) - $15.99
Discoloring and natural wear is a common complaint with leather, but can be fixed with this simple&n ...
Leather Repair Kits, Vinyl Repair Kits & Fabric Repair Products

Invisible Repair Products, Inc. is your single source for all your home do-it-yourself repair needs, offering leather repair kits, plastic, vinyl, fabric, windshield, wood and bumper repair kits. 

Every repair kit comes with complete, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you to the best DIY repair possible. 
Buy Smart: Buy from a reliable source. Invisible Repair Products, Inc is committed to help you complete a successful repair. We are your direct source since we are the manufacturer. We will ensure quality, reliability, and superior customer service. Call, Fax or Email!
We are here for YOU!
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