Leather Recolor and Restore

Works on High Grade Genuine Leather and Leatherette/Vinyl




The Best Leather Restoration Kit in the World Today.

Re-Dye Worn Spots & Blemishes on Anything Leather.

Repairs Rips, Cuts, Holes

Matching Color & Grain


Leather commonly gets wear spots, blemishes, scratches, where the color needs to be replaced.  With LIQUID LEATHER® the color can be re-dyed and made to look like new in minutes. 
Easy precise color matching, every time.  7 intermix colors with color matching guide will match all popular colors.  Test is on the enclosed imitation leather in kit.  Just apply and let dry, it’s that simple. 

Repair Small & Large Damaged

When leather gets rips, cuts, punctures or holes, they can be repaired like new, with color & grain.

The No Heat repair compound is E-Z to use.  It is covered with a special grain texture, that is peeled off after the repair is dry.  The color dye is then applied over the repaired spot, for a lifetime repair job.


Use LIQUID LEATHER® on Anything Leather. 

·       Auto & Truck Seating, Dashes, Door Panels, Tops and Moldings

·       Chairs, Sofas, Recliners, Benches, Stools and All Leather Furniture

·       Office Furniture

·       Jacket, Coats, Pants, and Briefcases

·       All Motorcycle Gear

·       Boat Interiors

·       Boots, Shoes, Sneakers and Dress Footware

·       Wallets, Purses and Leather Bags

Anything Made of Leather (except Suede)

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