Leather and Vinyl Repair

We have a few different kits for Leather & Vinyl repair.  The purpose is to provide different alternatives so that the repair job gets completed easily.  
  • The No Heat Leather & Vinyl repair kit (Item 30-123, 30-124, 30-444, 30-122) is the simpliest to use. It requires No Heat. This kit is best for softer leather/vinyl.  All you need is time to dry.
  • The Heat Cure Leather repair (Items 30-002, 30-033, 30-039, 30-690) is a strong and durable repair.  It does require High Heat and a finished repair can be done in minutes. Professionals commonly use the Heat Cure repair kits. We also sell a professional start up kit.  
  • The Quick 20 Leather repair kit (Item 20-002, 20-618, 20-689) is an another soloution.  It is a flexible epoxy. You will mix 1 part color to 1 part activator. This is a quick fix.   
Repair All Types of Leather & Vinyl:
Car Seats, Home Furniture, Office chairs, Jackets, Belts, Purses, Motorcycle Leather, Boat Seats, RV seats, Recliner chairs, Couches, Vinyl Flooring.  
Bonds and Repairs:
Holes, Rips, Tears, Gouges, Imparts Grain in Leather & Vinyl 
  • All the repair compounds and kits have almost identical qualities of actual leather, leatherette, (vinyl) material after they are dried or cured.

  •  All the repair kits have easy to follow instructions and an online www.ColorMatchGuide.com and a printed color chart.
We manufacture these kits and we can customize repair solutions to your needs.  Please feel free to contact us at 330-798-0441.  
Custom sizes and Refills available. 
Thank you for Repairing! 

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