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About Quick 20 Repair Kits

Quick 20 uses an advanced repair compound that separates itself from its competitors. Quick 20 is very easy to use, cures in 20 minutes and needs no additional tools like most other repair kits require. Using Quick 20 is as easy as cleaning the damaged area, mix the matching color and combining the activator to the color. For grain texture, place the grain paper down over the repair and allow to dry for 20 minutes. When done properly, your favorite possession will look like new again and can end...

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Quick 20 Vinyl and Leather Repair Instructions

QUICK 20™ LEATHER, VINYL, & PLASTIC REPAIR KIT INSTRUCTIONS CONTENTS : 7 Part A color repair compounds, 1 Part A Clear Adhesive, Part B activator, backing fabric, practice vinyl, grain patterns, gel release agent, color mixing guide, spatula, mixing cup, and instructions. ALWAYS MAKE A PRACTICE REPAIR PRIOR TO DOING THE ACTUAL REPAIR We suggest creating a similar blemish or damage on the small piece of practice vinyl included in this kit. Practice making a repair before doing the actua...

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